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Cosmetic Dentistry

estetik ESTET˜K-D˜ž-HEK˜ML˜¦˜ html 51ee2d33The objective of cosmetic dentistry is to produce artificial teeth in natural color and shape in harmony with the facial proportions of the individual. The artificial teeth that don’t look natural with excessive color and forms can be recognized at the first instance. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry requires a disciplined planning and preparation phase.

Laminated Crowning:

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This is the leaflet porcelain that is applied by removing 0.5-1 mm tooth tissues from the anterior surface of teeth or without any abrasion at all. Laminated products are leaflet porcelains that can be applied with very tiny (0.5-1 mm) or zero abrasion on the anterior surfaces of teeth. Since they are very thin, they are translucent and ensure perfect aesthetics. They provide the perfect solution with minimum damage about covering the gaps between the teeth or eliminating the crowding. When applied instead of the filling that disturb the view or replace the colored teeth as a result of trauma or canal treatment, they produce extremely fine results.

Requiring a fine application, there is no coloring in laminated crowning and they have a natural appearance. This is a cosmetic application that is applied by attaching a thin semi-translucent layer of porcelain on the anterior surface of incisors.

Zirconium Supported Porcelain:

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These are the porcelains in which we attain a more aesthetic appearance thanks to the white colored alloy that is used instead of metal as infrastructure. Thus, prosthesis assumes an aesthetic appearance that is much closer to natural teeth. It reflects light and it doesn’t reflect a dark color line on the gingiva level since the infrastructure is made of white colored alloy. It is in complete harmony with human body and doesn’t cause allergy.

Since zirconium supported porcelains feature a high resistance of 900 megapascal, they can be comfortably used on the posterior molar teeth either. This is a state-of-the-art technology that is so aesthetic and elegant to permit light in addition to its strength.

The preparation of zirconium supported prosthesis is the same as the alternatives. The difference starts only at the laboratory phase. Such prostheses are produced by computer assisted devices featuring CAD CAM technology. The patient is scanned by means of optical readers with the measurements taken from the mouth and shaped by milling cutter systems without touch of hand. The data that is formed with the help of cameras is loaded on the computer and designs (CAD) are obtained and produced (CAM).

Full Porcelain Crowning (Empress):

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These are reinforced porcelain structures without any metal or any other material in their infrastructure.Although natural teeth feature translucency, metal supported porcelains have no such feature. This has caused the emergence of full ceramic porcelains without metal support. A more natural, livelier and aesthetic appearance can be attained since the translucency of full ceramic porcelains is much closer to natural teeth.

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Cosmetic Gingival Operations (Gingivoplasty)
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We call the excessive exposure of gingiva during smiling/laughing at such a level to disturb the aesthetic appearance of the individual “gummy smile”. In such cases, first of all the patient should be planned with gingiva operations in order to ensure a better smile. After the gingiva level reaches the smiling line with such operation, the teeth inside the smiling distance are covered with laminated porcelain or full ceramic porcelain. This can also be used for elongating the short teeth.


estetik ESTET˜K-D˜ž-HEK˜ML˜¦˜ html m2c037f82The process of bleaching the color of teeth and eliminating the undesired colors on the internal structure of the enamel and dentin layers of teeth is called Bleaching. It is possible to whiten teeth up to 9-10 times shade without any damage. The materials that are used for bleaching are intended for professional usage and shouldn’t be used outside the supervision of the dentist. The bacteria plaque on the teeth, coloring due to tea, coffee or smoking is eliminated with the tartar cleaning and polishing at the dentist’s office. Then, teeth become ready for bleaching.

Tartar cleaning and bleaching are different procedures and they shouldn't be confused.

Bleaching can be applied in two ways; home bleaching (home type) or Office bleaching (clinical type).