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implant ˜MPLANT html 42fb97b0Featuring the characteristic that are the closest to natural teeth, implants offer a much better chewing and speaking function compared to bridge and conventional prostheses and provide a more natural and aesthetic appearance.
When applied with sufficient knowledge, experience, equipment and accurate diagnosis, extraordinarily successful results can be attained. Thanks to implant supported prostheses, you can chew just like your own teeth and achieve a much more aesthetic appearance.

Who can receive implant?

If there is sufficient bone to place the implant, anyone can receive this treatment. There is no upper age limit that might prevent application in patients with a good overall health condition. The only reservation might be for younger patients that haven’t completed their bone development yet.

What are the benefits of implant?

Implant is a very reliable, durable and comfortable application. Your healthy teeth will not be damaged next to the gap which is the case in bridge application. It is has a much longer life compared to alternatives. It also eliminates psychological disorders resulting from the lack of teeth thanks to the confidence it provides.

In which cases can implants be used?

If there is suitable and sufficient bone for implant, then implant can be applied under any circumstance.

Does implant cause pain during application?

You will not feel any pain thanks to the anesthetic substances and techniques of today. Either local or full anesthesia can be applied upon demand. There might be a slight pain after the operation that you can easily eliminated with simple painkillers. We would also encourage you to speak to our patients about how they felt after the implant.

How long does the treatment last?

Implant operations can be reduced down to event 10 minutes in our clinic. Such duration might vary according to the operation to be performed. Generally, the operation is terminated in the 3rd month after implant. Your dentist will produce temporary prostheses to be used for such 3 months period and ensure that you continue your routine life.

Can prostheses be attached right after implant?

The force on implant should be minimized for the first 2 or 3 months in order to ensure full fusion of implants with bones. Your dentist will produce a temporary prosthesis for you during such period and ensure that you lead your routine life. After the implant and maxilla bone has fully fused, permanent teeth will be placed on your implant.

How important is the cleaning of implants?

It is as important as your own teeth and maybe even more important. Cleaning of implants is not different than the routine mouth care. Your dentist will provide your detailed information about the cleaning of implants.

What is the form of prostheses on implants?

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İmplant Üzeri Hareketli Protez İmplant Üzeri Sabit Protez

Prostheses on implant vary from case to case. These can be mobile that can be removed by the patient or fixed that can be removed only by the dentist. Both forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can plan the most suitable design together with your dentist.

Is an implant needed for each deficient tooth?

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No. If there is more than one deficient tooth, your implants can be planned as bridge as you can see above.

Is implant treatment expensive?

Although it looks more expensive compared to other alternatives, it will prove to be worth its cost after a careful consideration of advantages. For instance, the price to be paid in case of conventional bridge prosthesis might be less compared to implant, however it can be seen that the success rate of implant in the long run is much higher compared to other treatments plus the fact that the teeth in the front or behind the lost tooth are not reduced. Moreover, you can regard implant as a prospective investment either since implant is a lifelong solution. You can deem the implant to be placed today as one of those implants to be needed if you lose other teeth in future too.

What are the possible risks in implant?

There is no further risk in implant application compared to other oral or other surgical procedures. There might be inflammation depending on allergy and infection at early stage combined with lack of sufficient hygiene in future. Smoking also increases the infection risk especially during the first phases.

What are the disadvantages of implant treatment?

  • It is slightly more expensive compared to conventional systems.

What are the disadvantages of implant?

  • A much better cosmetic appearance
  • Better chewing with ability to eat anything
  • Self-confidence reassured, a better social life
  • Well balanced nutrition depending on the ability to eat anything

What are the factors in the success of implant?

For a successful implant application, the patient should have a good capability of healing and overall health. For instance, an uncontrollable diabetics might risk implant application. The patient should be examined in detail and the suitable treatment method and implant application should be determined.
Moreover, it is another important effect in the success of implant that the patient is taking good care of his/her oral health. Smoking and alcohol also affect the success of implant negatively.

What is the lifespan of implants?

The success of implant is dependent on many factors. The systemic condition of the patient and cleanliness of implants are just some of those factors. When necessary care is demonstrated, they can remain in your mouth for lifelong.

Is age a factor in the decision of implant application?

Health is much more important than age in this respect. The surgical risks of many patients in advanced ages are much less compared to patients that are young but feature many uncontrollable systemic diseases.

Is there a risk of rejection by the body against implants?

Since implants are made of tissue-friendly substances and they are not a part of a live organism, your body will not develop antibodies against them. It is not possible for implants to be rejected by the body as it is the case in kidneys and heart transplantation.

Does implant cause cancer?

There is no finding in the literature that implants cause cancer.

How long does implant treatment last?

Such period is directly related to the incorporation of your implant with the bone and is dependent on your systemic health status, structure of the bone and the operation to be performed. Implant operations can be finished even in 10 minutes today. The total duration may vary according to the structure of the tooth and bone in that area. Generally, the whole application is finished on the 3rd or 4th month after the operation. This period is required for your implant to fully fuse with your bone. However, there are various implant types to shorten such period. Your dentist will explain which one suits you the best.