Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic expectations of people change with developing technology and culture. Today, naturalness and harmony with the environment are almost the basis of aesthetic expectations, and this affects the dental treatments

Diagnosis & Application

This requires the treatment to be both functional and involve visually satisfactory elements. As in all the arrangements, the main expectation is that the fillings have the appearance of natural teeth in shape and colour, the artificial appearance of the person is not obvious when viewed carefully from the outside, and the person cannot distinguish the filling from his natural tooth.

Filling is the process of providing support with a new biocompatible material by removing the caries, infected and non-resistant tissues from the tooth, which suffers from caries or abrasion due to material loss, and cannot perform the chewing and bite function regularly and the material used for this purpose is called filling material.

The most commonly used substance for this purpose is Composite. After applying binding material called bonding on the tooth surface cleaned by various methods, composite fillers compatible with the colour of the tooth are applied. After forming process with suitable tools, it is ensured that the chemical bonds to the tooth surface with halogen light, and the tooth and filling material are combined.

Although metal fillings, called amalgam, which were applied frequently before, are thought to be much stronger and much more durable, the content of composite materials developed day by day, has been strengthened in terms of structural durability and it can be used safely in chewing areas.

Thus, an aesthetic and healthy structure can be created not only in smile but also in the back areas during laughing

In addition to the treatment of aesthetic composite fillings and broken and decayed teeth;

* Correction of permanent color changes that cannot be done in whitening treatment

* Closing the gaps between the teeth

* Correction of deformity of teeth

* Lengthening of the height of the teeth can also be performed safely.

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