Dental Implants

Teeth are very important for healthy life and healthy smiles. Dental care and checkups should be done at regular intervals, oral health should be given importance.

Diagnosis & Applacation

Today, with people becoming more conscious, it is mostly possible to prevent tooth loss. Occasionally, situations may arise that require the teeth to be extracted and not to be saved. The result of this is tooth loss. In the treatment of these losses; materials called ‘Implants’, which are placed in the jawbone, have a titanium-based, biocompatible screw structure. Thanks to the implant treatment, the patient can regain the previous chewing function.

Implant Treatments

Patients who lose their tooth/teeth for various reasons can benefit from implant treatment. In implant treatment applications, the relevant area is numbed primarily with local anesthesia. Implant-implants are placed inside the bone in the numb region. After the relevant area is closed, it is started to wait the healing process between 3/4 months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone (osteointegration). With the implant teeth, the patient can regain her/his comfort in daily life in terms of function, phonation and aesthetics.

Advantages of Implant Treatment

Today, implant treatments are among the most preferred treatment methods in tooth loss cases. The reasons for this are that the implant can be applied without damaging neighboring teeth, prevent bone loss in the related area, achieve a much higher rate of success in chewing function than removable treatment options, and create a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Because of all these features, you can get all kinds of help and support for implant treatment from our institution, which has a very successful history in this field.


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