Emax Veneers

One of the prerequisites for living a healthy life is healthy teeth. However, many people today may experience dental and gingival problems due to hereditary or environmental factors.

Diagnosis & Application

These problems may be that the color of tooth gradually loses its feature and it cannot be achieved with whitening treatment, tetracycline coloration, the bad shape of the teeth, a diastemata appearance in the teeth, tooth breakage or wear over time, color change in the fillings over time, the teeth are crooked. Thanks to today’s technology, porcelain veneer teeth can be performed in the solution of these and such problems and can bring the patient a very aesthetic and natural appearance.

Emax Veneer Treatment

A few appointments are needed for the treatment of porcelain laminated. The treatment process begins with the thinning of the teeth at the enamel level. Then the measurement is taken and the teeth are started to be prepared. If the patient is having difficulty making decisions, a mock-up (sample model) can be prepared in the background to give information about how the patient will get a smile in the final situation. In the following sessions, the necessary preparations are completed in order for the porcelain veneer teeth to be able to meet the aesthetic, function and phonation expectations. They can be used for many years without problem, as long as they are well cared for.

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