Canal Treatments

Among the goals of today’s dentistry is to preserve the existing tooth structure and to keep the tooth in the mouth as much as possible. For this reason, canal treatment is applied in order to give a last chance to teeth with deep caries, nerve infection or periodontal support.

Diagnosis and Application

In this treatment method, the nerve tissue of the tooth covered with infection is removed and the patient’s pain is relieved. With the canal treatment, both the intraoral tissues are restored and the tooth is restored and its former functions are restored.

How make is root treatment

Firstly, local anesthesia is applied and numbness is provided in the related area. Then the rotten tissue is cleaned and infected nerve tissues in the root canal are removed. The relevant tooth is cleaned with special solutions and drugs. In the last step, the channels are filled with biocompatible materials in accordance with the anatomical shape of the root canal. Depending on the degree of infection, after canal treatment, which can be performed in one session or several sessions, the patient may have sensitivity for a few days in the relevant area.

Canal treatment success

The primary goal of the physician in the canal treatment is to protect and maintain the presence of the tooth in the mouth. In order for the procedure to be successful, the patient must regularly fulfill the requirements for oral hygiene and care – brushing teeth / using flossing / using an interface brush. The life of a well-treated canal can vary depending on the physician, patient and tissue.

For more detailed information about canal treatment, you can apply to our institution’s experienced physicians.

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