Gingival Treatment

Oral health is an extremely important issue. Thanks to routine cleaning procedures performed daily, you can protect your teeth against caries as well as strengthen your gums against problems such as bleeding, inflammation, bone loss and gingival recession.

Diagnosis & Application

In addition to your personal care, you should be examined during the periods recommended by your dentist and you should maintain your oral and dental health under the supervision of your dentist. Unhealthy gums can cause destruction and bone loss of tissues that support teeth over time, and this process can lead the patient to loss of teeth.


Sometimes even if we care about oral health, some problems may arise. One of these is the recession of the gums. Early diagnosis and early treatment in gum treatments positively affect the process.

The most common cause of gum recession is intra-oral infections. These infections cause great damage to tissues and teeth. Incorrect brushing, poor oral hygiene, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, clenching and grinding and genetic factors play an important role in this regard. Because of all these reasons, gum problems are experienced and give discomfort to the patient that may decrease the quality of life.


Gingival recession is also a sign of bone loss. However, bone loss can occur without recession, without you noticing. Therefore, you should not disrupt your routine controls. As we mentioned before, early diagnosis is of great importance. In the initial stages, such problems can be prevented with procedures such as cleaning, curettage without flap, and appropriate mouthwash solutions depending on the situation, whereas in advanced cases, surgical procedures are required. You can visit our clinic to get quality service in terms of the health of your teeth and find out what you wonder, and you can get all kinds of professional help and support from us.

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