Invisalign Treatment

Teeth are our biggest helpers in daily life in terms of chewing, speaking, aesthetics. However sometimes, due to congenital, genetic, systemic or environmental factors, there may be seen closure and alignment disorders such as crowded teeth, diastema, open bite, collapsed bite.

Diagnosis & Application

In the treatment of such problems, aligner transparent plaques prepared specifically for the individual can be used. You can get a healthy smile with invisalign treatment, which is one of the latest and new technological developments in orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

The most important advantage of invisalign treatment is that it does not adversely affect people’s daily life. Thanks to transparent plaques, which do not pose any problems from an aesthetic point of view, it is comfortable and convenient to get used to the treatment process. In addition, oral hygiene can be provided more easily than orthodontic braces treatment, and plaques can be easily removed during dental cleaning. Invisilign plaques are not a source of irritation for the cheek mucosa. This treatment can be easily applied to young and adult individuals.

Maintenance Of Transparent Plaques

Transparent plaques should be usedfor an average of 20 hours a day. It will be more appropriate to remove plaques while eating and drinking hot or cold drinks. Smokers should take care of their plaques more carefully. Because smoking can cause stains on plaques. It is necessary to go to routine checkups every month for plaques. Transparent plaques should be replaced every 7-14 days.The treatment process varies according to the disorder of the teeth. If you want to get service about transparent plaque, you can easily apply to our institution.




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