Jaw Cysts

It is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene for a healthy life. Although we strive for this, pathological formations can occur within the mouth due to genetic, local, systemic or environmental reasons.

Diagnosis & Application

One of these is a cyst in the jaw. Jaw cysts are pathological structures that are spherical and balloon-shaped, expanding from the center to the periphery, lined with epithelium, surrounded by a connective tissue capsule, filled with liquid or semi-solid material.

Damages Of Jaw Cysts

The jaw cysts, which may not be noticed in the early period, can grow in bone over time. When they are noticed, the damage they cause to the jaw bone and surrounding tissues should be evaluated by the dentist or the maxillofacial surgeon. Over time, jaw cysts can exert pressure on the nerves within the bone, causing jaw numbness, necrosis of the teeth in the relevant area, shaking or displacement. If the size is too advanced, the cyst can even lead to fractures in the jawbone. Early diagnosis and treatment is very important to avoid these negative consequences.

Treatment Methods Of Jaw Cysts

First of all, the structure of the cyst is determined by biopsy. Then, the cyst is cleaned with a surgical intervention performed by a surgeon who is an expert in the field. Surgical intervention can be performed to the patient under local or general anesthesia.

To avoid these kinds of problems, you should consult your dentist at regular intervals. You can also consult to our experienced maxillofacial surgeon for the treatment of cysts.

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