As a result of the technological developments experienced today, the problems faced by the people are minimized by intervening in the dental problems immediately and with healthier methods.

Diognosis & Application

A new dental treatment method is emerging every day. In addition to dental problems, mouth and jaw problems are successfully intervened as an aesthetic appearance. For this, the Department of maxillofacial surgery deals in a healthier and more successful way with problems such as impacted wisdom teeth, jaw dislocations or fractures, cysts and tumors in the mouth. After graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry, people who are oral surgeons receive specialized training in the main science of oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery. Thus, they gain the title of specialist dentist.


Maxillofacial surgery is the services provided by people who are experts in their fields. The main problems involved in maxillofacial surgery are dental or jaw fracture cases, intra-oral cysts, impacted teeth, soft and hard tissue deformations in the mouth. In addition to these, people who suffer from jaw pain and jaw joint pain also receive help from the surgeons. People with these problems should undergo healthy procedures with help from the right places. For example, in wisdom teeth, the first place to go for people with impacted teeth that remain in bone is the maxillofacial surgeon. Because the impacted teeth that remain in the bone can be removed by surgery. Maxillofacial surgeons perform these surgeries successfully.


Many people have dental problems. While the problems experienced are sometimes solved with a simple intervention, sometimes this is not possible. Sometimes decaying teeth are easily extracted with a local anesthesia, but sometimes people who have problems with extractions with impacted teeth or teeth which cannot be seen and the gum is left behind in go to maxillofacial surgeon and surgical treatment is performed. The teeth to be extracted are divided into sections among themselves, and the extraction processes are performed. Patients who want to get information in the field of maxillofacial surgery can get help from our institution. Our expert staff, who are experienced in their field, intervene in the patients with the most appropriate treatment methods and help eliminate the problems.

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