Orthodontic Treatment

It is the orthodontics branch of science that deals with the interrelationship of the jawbones and the crowding problems in the teeth.

Diagnosis & Application

With orthodontic treatment, dental problems such as crowding and spaces between teeth, deep bite, open bite, and cross bite can be corrected with intra-oral apparatus. Moreover, skeletal problems in the jaw can also be treated with orthopedic treatment methods and by means of extra-oral apparatus. With this treatment method, you will have more aesthetic teeth and the teeth can fully perform their functions.

How To Solve Dental-Skeletal Problems?

Dental-skeletal problems can ocur for many reasons. These reasons can be congenital, genetic, systemic problems, some habits (finger sucking, lip-tongue sucking, using a long-term pacifier-feeding bottle). The orthodontic bracket system can be used to treat these problems by means of the inside and outside of the mouth apparatus. This process can take a few years and early diagnosis is very important for shortening this process and for implementing treatment procedures. 8-12 age is the most essential age range for the course of treatment. Also, orthodontic treatment can be easily applied for adults.

Dental Braces System

Before starting the orthodontic treatment process, oral and dental controls should be done, and the necessary treatments should be performed inside the mouth. After a detailed examination by an orthodontist, the necessary measurements are prepared. Brackets are placed on the teeth in a single session according to the decided treatment procedure. Then, the treatment process is followed by monthly checks by the orthodontist.

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