Sinus Lifting

After missing teeth in the upper jaw, bone losses occur in the vertical direction and the sinus mucosa hangs downwards.

Diagnosis & Application

Sinus lifting: it is the raising of the base of the sinus in order to increase bone height in cases where the vertical distance required for implant in the area of the upper jaw molar and premolar teeth is not sufficient.

Who are not right candidates for sinus lifting?

1- In cases of radiation to the jaw area

2- Systemic diseases such as diabetes that cannot be controlled

3- Excessive cigarette consumption

4- In conditions in which some metabolic drugs are used (bisphosphonate)

5- Patients with sinus infections

How to apply sinus lifting?

Different techniques can be used in this application. If your bone is low but not completely lost, it can be done with closed technique; If the amount of bone is very small, it can be done by applying open technique. In the open technique, bone powders called grafts are used.

With the stem cells obtained from the blood taken from the patient, the chance of success can be increased. It can be applied in the same session with the implants, and sometimes only sinus lifting can be done and the implants can be placed later.

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